Welcome OM

Our Studio is an environment where students can spend time with one another, share their talents and trades, practice yoga, meditate, give back, and create a network within our yoga community.

Our purpose on this planet is to serve and help others. 

The studio was built on the principle of Dana, which means the act of giving, and Seva, the devotion to service.


Our mission at The Yoga Tree is to safely guide each yoga practitioner through the evolution of their yoga practice and help facilitate his or her spiritual and personal growth. 

We aim to create a spiritual refuge for the yoga community as well as to offer an array of classes for every type of practitioner.  Our intention is to maintain a space where students feel comfortable and safe growing and advancing in their asana (posture) practice as well as supporting their spiritual growth.  

We encourage and welcome new practitioners to discover yoga and begin a disciplined practice.

“Real magic happens after midnight.” - David Preston

Our studio renovations are nearly complete, somewhat bitter sweet in a peculiar way.

“We had fun. We worked hard. We did it in less than six weeks…exhale*”.

Thank you : Barry and Barb Shaver, Andrew and Brianna, and Chris Kostoss.

Helene, Emilee, Amanda, Samantha, and Nicky.

And David Preston. xo